Trump vs. Biden

The time has come. The whole world is waiting to see the next president of the USA. But who is it going to be?

Everybody should be informed about the upcoming events. But why should we be interested in the political system of the USA? Actually most of us are even concerned about the possible outcome. Primarily it is essential to know that our worries are based on predictions. If Donald Trump gets the win, then he would have ruled the USA for 8 years in total. And interestingly, when we have a closer look at the majority vote, you need at least 22% of the voters to vote for you after a statistic. This may sound weird and peculiar for all of you who are not familiar with the majority voting system. It is pretty easy to understand how it works, but later on it becomes apparent that it should have not been used as a voting system (in the opinion of many people), because it is close to impossible to protect the principles of justice. Now what is meant by this? Obviously it should be clear that this would mean that the opinion of a certain group of people can not be respected. An example to illustrate the whole situation: In one of the states candidate A gets 49% of the votes and candidate B gets 51%. If this would be the result of the elections in this state, then candidate B gets all the votes (so 100%), although 49% of the people did not want candidate B, they are indirectly being forced to give their votes to whoever gets statistically more votes and this is what should be called injustice, because even if let’s say 70% of the folks (in all states) want person A, they could possibly get person B. Probably it is unfair, but since nobody comes against this system, we could suppose that the Americans appreciate it or at least they accept this injustice.

In the beginning I asked why the upcoming president of the USA is so important for us, even though we live in Germany (or elsewhere). A really quick, but decent answer to this question can be said in three words. Namely future, influence and cooperation. We also want the next president to be patient, willing for cooperation and not intimidating or threatening the whole world. This is not supposed to be an attack against the current president. No matter if you’re Trump or Biden, dear next president of America, we are all seeking for peace and we believe in your good sense not only for the future of America, but for the future of the world. In my opinion it does not matter who is going to be the next president, because I believe that both of you know what they have to do and hopefully you will make the right decisions. We are in the same boat! We, as human beings, should work together and WE should not be fighting each other. To reach this state it is important to stop racial segregation and to start the activation of charity and compassion, originally known as the main abilities of human beings. BUT in addition to this point it becomes apparent that we all have to change and when we have a look at the events in Belarus, we are probably loosing our sense of humanity. So please, Mr. President help us to improve our future and the lives of the subsequent generations.

However just to mention it for you, the election will be held on Tuesday, November 3. Well this could actually change, because Trump is actively trying to delay the date, but if it is really going to be changed cannot be told yet.

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      Trump vs Biden    


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