The fairphone company

Fairphone is a phone that is fair-trade in the most ways you can think of fair trade.

The fairphone project is a company which aims to develop smartphones that are produced and also designed with a lower environmental impact, which basically means that the phones are produced in a way that is more eco-friendly than any other phone. In addition to that the company really cares a lot about fair working conditions and pays their workers enough for what they do, not like other phone companies. It is also a company which builds a deeper understanding between people and their products, of what „fair“ or „fair trade“ really means. Also they bring closer to their customers, how and also where the products are built, so their clients can be really sure about the fact that the phone is fair-trade. Additionally to that they are trying to keep their phone-building local, which means that they don’t want the different phone pieces to be built all around the world. As a consequence there’s less transport. Based on that their phone is more trustable than other phones, because you nearly exactly know where their products are from. Furthermore they have designed their phones in a special way and it doesn’t have to be replaced every year. If a piece does break, the little pieces are transported to the customers and they can replace them by themselves, which reduces the problem of having to buy new phones and also to build more phones than needed, which also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Marleen Berger (10a)


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